Thursday, 29 December 2016

A Safaris In Rwanda The Land of A Thousand Hills


Usually the first thought that comes to mind when someone mentions Rwanda is the the mountain gorillas or genocide.  Rwanda has come a long way since the genocide, a tragedy that Rwandans will never forget and as a tourist in Kigali, one must visit the Kigali Memorial Centre which honors those who lost their lives.
But today, Rwanda has changed in so many ways - from new buildings and hotels in the capital city to offering travelers many adventures other than Gorilla Trekking. One place in particular was recently mentioned in an article that said Rubavu District is a must see place in Rwanda, not just for tourists but also for local Rwandans to discover as well. 
Rubavu District - Some of the things one can do there is visiting Lake Kivu, Rwanda’s largest and most scenic fresh water lakes where adventure seekers can hike, bike and even Kayak. Swimming is another activity that can be done here as there are no hippos or crocodiles in this calm, blue lake.
The Congo Nile Trail - This is a beautiful nature trail that stretches along Lake Kivu. You can hike, bike or drive the 227 kilometer trail and along the way pass by and visit coffee-washing stations, tea plantations, three cities, dozens of villages, more beaches, waterfalls and valleys - the trail is nature’s paradise.
VolcanoClimbing - Another popular activity with Volcanoes National Park offering up various trails to either the crater, or in case of the extinct volcanoes, to the top. It is recommended to climb with experienced guides and in some places it’s mandatory to have a guide.
Nyungwe Canopy Walk - Built 250 feet above the forest floor, in the tropical rain forest of Nyungwe, this walk allows one to look in awe at the rich biodiversity at eye level. Here primates, birds and butterflies thrive among the lush canopy and the towering mahogany trees or orchids.  

Friday, 16 December 2016

Why You should Do Gorilla Habituation in 2017


In this sphere, there is time for everything and platinum Safaris we consider that the time for you to plot a gorilla habituation remarkable experience safari to the pearl of Africa’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is now 2017 before families used for this experience are fully habituated. There several motives why do gorilla habituations experience now or why you should reserve your gorilla habituation permit now regardless of gorilla trekking as an option. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park offers to discretionary activities for tourists to interrelate with the threatened mountain gorillas. The most popular activity to engage with mountain gorillas is gorilla trekking and this can be done in three countries of Uganda (Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park),  Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park), Democratic Republic of Congo (Virunga National Park) Unlike gorilla trekking that is present in Uganda, DRC and Rwanda, Gorilla habituation experience is only in Uganda and is currently on the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park due to the fact that it is where Uganda is having one gorilla family under habituation. Travelers must part with USD 1500.00 per person to enjoy interrelating with mountain gorillas. With this experience, tourists are allowed to spend an enormous four hours compared to the one hour that is allowed for gorilla trekking.
Once in Uganda, one can book to do gorilla habituation experience in the southern part of Bwindi National Park. Bushawo and Bikingi have been the two gorilla families under habituation but information coming from this part of the forest is that Bushawo is now fully habituated leaving Bushaho as the only gorilla family open for gorilla habituation experience in 2017. Why does gorilla habituation experience can simply be explained by the fact that if Bikingi gorilla family is fully habituated, there is a possibility that gorilla habituation experience will be temporarily suspended until other gorilla families are habituated Chances are also that Bikingi gorilla family has less than a year to be fully habituated. We therefore call upon all those fascinated in gorilla habituation expeditions to get in contact with platinum safaris for permits and other services in 2017.

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